Kerala Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery Result

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We at our official Kerala Lottery Result website (www.KeralaLotteryResult.com) publishes daily Kerala State lotteries result live directly from the head-office. We try to publish Kerala lottery results as earlier as possible. Daily at sharp 3 pm, we invite all of those candidates who bought the Kerala lottery to our website for checking their results.

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Kerala Lottery

Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries is the state Government body that issues and publish the winners result of different weekly and Bumper types Kerala Lotteries. In the year 2013-2014 Kerala State Lotteries has witnessed a big revenue of Rs 3793.72 crores and the profit was Rs 788.42 crores.

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Kerala Lottery: Info

  • Kerala State Lottery is the first of its kind in India.
  • Kerala Lotteries are the only Legal Lottery system in Kerala.
  • There are 7 weekly lotteries and 6 yearly Bumper Kerala Lotteries.
  • Cost of Karunya and Karunya Plus Kerala Lotteries are Rs 40 and all other weekly lotteries tickets cost Rs 30/-. Yearly bumpers cost Rs 150/- per ticket.
  • Weekly Kerala Lotteries are drawn at 3pm every day and bumpers at 2pm on pre-announced dates.
  • Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries is the Kerala State Government body which issues, controls and draw Kerala Lotteries.
  • Kerala Government is making huge profit from Kerala Lotteries and the profit is using for the well-fare of the people of Kerala.
  • Kerala Lottery results can be checked online from www.KeralaLotteryResult.com
  • At present, huge TVC ads are running for Kerala Lotteries in all major Malayalam Television Channels.

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Kerala Weekly Lotteries

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Kerala Lottery Result

Daily, we publishes Kerala lottery Result as Live on this page from 3 pm onwards. We try to bring daily Kerala lottery result, all latest news and other updates directly from Kerala Lotteries Head office, Trivandrum. Live results are published at 3 pm on this page. Bookmark this page now and visit our website daily to get our exclusive live reports. Do not forget to share this page in social medias like Facebook, twitter and Google Plus.

Download Kerala Lottery Result

Once the Kerala Lottery results are completely published after 4 pm, You can download Kerala Lottery Result from the following link.

Kerala Lottery Prize Claim Procedures

Any prize-winner of a Kerala lottery shall surrender the prize winning ticket within 30 days of the date of draw with all necessary documents. Prizes up to 1 Lakh Indian rupees may be claimed from the District Lottery Offices concerned. Prize winning Kerala Lottery tickets above 1 Lakh Rupees shall be surrendered before the Director of State Lotteries in Kerala after affixing the name, address and signature of the prize winner on the back side of the lottery tickets with the following documents.**

1 A claim application along with a Photostat copy of both sides of the kerala lottery ticket, self attested by the applicant.

2 Two Passport size photographs of the Kerala Lottery prize winner duly attested by a Gazetted Officer/Notary.

3 A receipt for the Kerala Lottery prize money in the prescribed form affixing a revenue stamp worth Rs.1/- with full address of the lottery prize winner (download).

4 If the lottery prize winner is a minor, Guardianship certificate from a competent authority.

5 In case of joint claims, one of the Kerala Lottery prize winners should be authorised to receive the prize money and a ‘Joint Declaration’ in stamp paper worth Rs 50/- should be executed.

6 Self attested copy of the PAN Card of the prize winner.

7 Attested document to prove identity ( Attested copy of Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, Election ID Card etc) of the Kerala lottery prize winner.

Prize amount can also be claimed through Nationalised, Scheduled or State/ District Co-Operative banks. The prize winning Kerala Lottery ticket should be surrendered to the bank with all the above documents, if necessary. The bank should submit the claim to the Director of State Lotteries with the following certificates:

1 The letter of Authorisation from the prize winner (download)

2 The certificate from the receiving bank (download)

3 The certificate from the collecting bank (download)

Tax :

For Kerala Lottery prize moneys more than Rupees 10,000, income tax at prevailing rate will be deducted and credited into the central government account. As of now, an Income tax of 30% will be deducted for all the prize winning claims exceeding Rs. 10,000/- For the agents prize claims an amount equivalent to 10% of the claim will be deducted as income tax. Presently no surcharge or educational cess is deducted as per the Income Tax rules.

** Prize winning tickets above Rs.1 Lakh and upto Rs.20 Lakhs shall be passed for payment by the Deputy Director(Prize) and that above 20 lakhs by the Director.

Kerala Lottery Scams

We advise you not to take part in any bet on Kerala lottery results for money or engage in any activity like ‘WinWin lottery guessing numbers’ type games for any financial benefits.

We also recommend you not to give money to someone who promises to provide you Today’s lottery ticket winning number. All such kind of activities are scams. The winners are not pre-determined. So never thought to get winning numbers before the actual lottery draw starts at 3 pm Today. Be smart and identify those cheaters.

Once again we advise you not to pay cheaters online who claims to provide Today’s lottery ticket number before the actual lottery draw starts. Never provide them your mobile numbers, email ids, Credit card details, address, account numbers, money, etc. Never engage in WinWin lottery ticket money bets online.

Neither Kerala State Lotteries nor KeralaLotteryResult.com are responsible for any financial loss happened to you due to Kerala Lottery frauds around you. You are requested to check Kerala Lottery Result only from trusted sources like KeralaLotteryResult.com or other official websites.

Please share this page about Kerala Lotteries in social medias so that all your friends and relatives must know about Kerala lottery winning ticket number scams.

Kerala Lottery Tricks and Tips

Some of the following tricks and tips that we provides you here are as follows.

Currently Kerala Lottery Machine Tricks don’t work. We will update if once there is any.

Here are the top 10 tips and tricks used by smart Kerala Lottery Buyers.

  1. Buy Kerala Lottery from 10 different districts. This is the top most trick in our pick.
  2. Buy 10 Kerala Lotteries with consecutive serial numbers. This is a top most tip for you.
  3. Buy using Kerala Calendar timing. Try not to buy Kerala lotteries in Rahukalam, if you believe in it.
  4. Use Astrology, Numerology, Lucky Numbers and other Spiritual influence for buying Kerala Lotteries.
  5. Buy Kerala Lottery using most repetitive won last 4 digit ticket numbers. This is yet another good trick for you.
  6. Buy Kerala Lottery with the help of some reserved people whom they believe they can bring luck for them.
  7. Buy same last 4 digit ticket number of Kerala lottery each from 10 different sets.
  8. Toss and select Kerala lotteries.
  9. Buy whole Kerala lotteries from a seller or dealer/distributor.
  10. Buy 10 Kerala Lotteries tickets using 10 different people using own money or on sharing basics. This is one of the best and safe tricks employed by many people in Kerala. You may apply this tip at-least once and let us know it’s results.

Before trying the above tricks and tips for buying and winning in Kerala Lottery, you must know that these tricks and tips may not work every time or for every people.

This is just for your information and we do not recommend you to try this.

We got some of these top information from daily lottery buyers, distributing agents and some local sellers. But personally the author of this article may not try this. The author just share these Kerala Lottery tricks with you.

Kerala Lottery Guessing and Predictions

We help you to get the following information on July 2018 onwards. Our software is ready for it.

Kerala Lottery Number Generator

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Kerala Lottery
Kerala Lottery is the legal form of lottery run by Kerala State Lotteries

About Kerala Lotteries
Kerala Lotteries or Kerala State Lotteries an official lottery system run by Kerala State Government. It is the first lottery system in India. Currently Kerala Lotteries is the only legal lottery available in Kerala.

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Kerala Lottery Result Guessing Numbers & Kerala Lotteries Prediction

Here you can check Kerala Lottery Result Predictions, Kerala Guessing Numbers, Kerala Lottery Prediction, Kerala lottery result guessing numbers, Kerala lottery 100% winning group top guessing numbers live, etc.

Karunya KR 425 Kerala Lottery Prediction & Guessing Numbers

Karunya KR 425 Guessing & live prediction Started.

Next big update in 30 minutes. Refresh or Visit this page every 30 minutes for fresh numbers & tips on Karunya KR-425.

Click here to read more on Karunya KR 425

Disclaimer: The above are Kerala Lottery Result guessing & Predictions posted in Social Medias and websites by top guessers. These are just for your reference and not for decision to purchase lotteries or for any other purpose.

Directorate of Kerala Lotteries declares Kerala lottery result today live at 3 pm. You can check your result live from here. The first prize & all other winners of Kerala Lottery Result today announces here. Here below, You can check Kerala Lottery Result Today Live.

Kerala Lottery Result Today LIVE

Today (06.12.2019), Kerala Lotteries declares Nirmal NR 150 Kerala Lottery Results.

Nirmal NR 150 Kerala Lottery Result

The first prize winner of Nirmal NR 150 Kerala Lottery Result is ND-209925.

Kerala Lottery Result Official:

Nirmal NR 150 Kerala Lottery Result Today, 6.12.2019.

1st Prize- Rs :6,000,000/-
ND 209925 (THRISSUR)

Consolation Prize- Rs. 8,000/-
NA 209925 NB 209925 NC 209925 NE 209925
NF 209925 NG 209925 NH 209925 NJ 209925
NK 209925 NL 209925 NM 209925

2nd Prize- Rs :500,000/-
NA 945117 (KOTTAYAM)

3rd Prize- Rs :100,000/-
NA 849831 (IDUKKI)
NC 830753 (KOLLAM)
ND 726529 (IDUKKI)
NE 318607 (IDUKKI)
NG 685889 (THRISSUR)
NH 313547 (KANNUR)
NJ 827676 (KOLLAM)
NL 741414 (KOLLAM)
NM 630259 (KOTTAYAM)


4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/-
0071 0308 0947 1978 2752
4549 5665 6033 6050 8803
8828 8892

5th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-
0453 0767 0869 0875 0908
0983 1591 2089 2200 2282
2424 2611 2979 2981 3474
3587 3788 3925 4231 4582
4946 5295 5325 5378 5802
6207 6912 6926 7579 8239

6th Prize- Rs. 500/-
0592 0629 0822 1509 1922
2037 2369 2410 2428 2588
2639 2739 2740 2758 3160
3326 3358 3422 3758 4167
4200 4201 4263 4452 4533
4551 4654 4971 5090 5234
5442 5530 5587 5692 5822
5896 5899 6200 6233 6282
6765 6880 6968 7003 7225
7611 8024 8480 8631 8675
8852 8897 8914 9284 9365
9421 9501 9732 9772 9956

7th Prize- Rs. 100/-
0104 0129 0186 0226 0234
0343 0719 0727 0736 0905
0958 1036 1125 1136 1279
1360 1519 1598 1658 1673
1786 1869 1880 2054 2094
2170 2265 2299 2489 2623
2679 2940 3251 3296 3324
3349 3355 3597 3605 3660
3771 3841 3859 4087 4110
4124 4325 4458 4595 4840
4876 4879 4948 4950 5004
5119 5246 5380 5452 5474
5484 5515 5585 5586 5601
5662 5683 5963 6044 6151
6161 6263 6306 6397 6470
6521 6552 7012 7017 7158
7474 7780 7909 8047 8130
8194 8251 8322 8351 8419
8462 8515 8520 8577 8603
8662 9042 9053 9055 9056
9282 9362 9508 9637 9642
9717 9761 9804

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Next Nirmal NR 151 Lottery draw will be held on 13/12/2019.

On tomorrow (07.12.2019), Karunya KR 425 Lottery result will be announced at 3 pm.

Disclaimer: Kerala Lottery Result provided here is only for quick reference. The prize winners Kerala Lotteries are advised to verify your winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazette and surrender the winning lottery tickets within 30 days.