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Kerala Lottery Result

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We at our official Kerala Lottery Result website ( publishes daily Kerala State lotteries result live directly from the head-office. We try to publish Kerala lottery results as earlier as possible. Daily at sharp 3 pm, we invite all of those candidates who bought the Kerala lottery to our website for checking their results.

Kerala Lottery

  • Kerala State Lottery is the first of its kind in India.
  • Kerala Lotteries are the only Legal Lottery system in Kerala.
  • There are 7 weekly lotteries and 6 yearly Bumper Kerala Lotteries.
  • Cost of Karunya and Karunya Plus Kerala Lotteries are Rs 40 and all other weekly lotteries tickets cost Rs 30/-. Yearly bumpers cost Rs 150/- per ticket.
  • Weekly Kerala Lotteries are drawn at 3pm every day and bumpers at 2pm on pre-announced dates.
  • Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries is the Kerala State Government body which issues, controls and draw Kerala Lotteries.
  • Kerala Government is making huge profit from Kerala Lotteries and the profit is using for the well-fare of the people of Kerala.
  • Kerala Lottery results can be checked online from
  • On last year, large scale TVC ads were running for Kerala Lotteries in all major Malayalam Television Channels and newspaper ads were present on all major Malayalam newspapers.

Kerala Lottery Result Today

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    3 days Kerala Lottery Results

    Last 3 days Kerala lotteries results are available below.

    Kerala Lottery Results Chart

    The biggest Kerala lottery result chart 2020.

    LotteryNo.DateResultLocationFirst Prize
    Karunya433Sat 01/02/2020 Live at 3pm₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly158Fri 31/01/2020 NC-846095Kollam₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus301Thu 30/01/2020PU597021Palakkad ₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya430Wed 29/01/2020AO339343Thrissur₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi194Tue 28/01/2020 SW311063Ernakulam₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN549 Mon 27/01/2020 WS196961Wayanad₹65 Lakhs
    Karunya432Sat 25/01/2020 KK177024Palakkad₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly157Fri 24/01/2020 NY855556Pathana-mthitta₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus300Thu 23/01/2020PB196313Kottayam ₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya429Wed 22/01/2020AG167848Palakkad₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi193Tue 21/01/2020SE109677Kasaragod₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN548Mon 20/01/2020WP717310Trivandrum₹65 Lakhs
    RC745266Kannur₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya431Sat 18/01/2020KO828847Kozhikode₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly156Fri
    NH256223Trivandrum₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus299Thu
    PP115691Kozhikkode ₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya428Wed 15/01/2020AT398949Kannur₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi192Tue 14/01/2020SO975793Alappuzha₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN547Mon 13/01/2020WP717310Trivandrum₹65 Lakhs
    Pournami426Sun 12/01/2020RW889278Kollam₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya430Sat 11/01/2020KD395767Thrissur₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly155Fri
    NT189822Palakkad₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus298Thu
    PK337608Alappuzha₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya427Wed 8/01/2020AA373408Palakkad₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi191Tue
    SJ420180Pathana-mthitta₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN546Mon 6/01/2020WD461417Wayanad₹65 Lakhs
    RJ530997Trivandrum₹70 Lakhs
    KX374730Wayanad₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly154Fri
    NK845074Ernakulam₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus297Thu
    PZ325083Trivandrum₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya426Wed 1/01/2020AP423449Palakkad₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi190Tue 31/12/2019SP413769Malappuram₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN545Mon 30/12/2019WN116170Ernakulam₹65 Lakhs
    Pournami424Sun 29/12/2019RX648378Kozhikkode₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya428Sat 28/12/2019KC251610Trivandrum₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly153Fri
    NS183798Wayanad₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus296Thu 26/12/2019PE370726Palakkad₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya425Wed 25/12/2019AA711618Alappuzha₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi189Tue 24/12/2019SB726505Kollam₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN544Mon 23/12/2019WF973102Thrissur₹65 Lakhs
    Pournami423Sun 22/12/2019RK458977Kottayam₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya427Sat 21/12/2019KO479575Thrissur₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly152Fri
    NA673156Kottayam₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus295Thu 19/12/2019PV277851Kollam₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya424Wed 18/12/2019AW842093Ernakulam₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi188Tue 17/12/2019SY170457Kottayam₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN543Mon 16/12/2019WV857583Palakkad₹65 Lakhs
    Pournami422Sun 15/12/2019RV700264Thrissur₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya426Sat 14/12/2019KD841039Trivandrum₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly151Fri
    NT433709Kottayam₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus294Thu 12/12/2019PB202758Kottayam₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya423Wed 11/12/2019AH930766Kottayam₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi187Tue 10/12/2019SG783631Thrissur₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN542Mon 9/12/2019WG318106Kollam₹65 Lakhs
    RG203700Trivandrum₹70 Lakhs
    KY208079Kollam₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly150Fri
    ND209925Thrissur₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus293Thu
    PP965023Idukki₹70 Lakhs
    AN537605Ernakulam₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi186Tue
    SO680894Ernakulam₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN541Mon 2/12/2019WW915239Kollam₹65 Lakhs
    RX374957Idukki₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya424Sat 30/11/2019KG261030Ernakulam₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly149Fri
    NT567995Trivandrum₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus292Thu 28/11/2019PM917209Trivandrum₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya421Wed 27/11/2019AM874108Kollam₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi185Tue 26/11/2019SD412023Malappuram₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN540Mon 25/11/2019WL201900Ernakulam₹65 Lakhs
    Pournami419Sun 24/11/2019RB377352Kollam₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya423Sat 23/11/2019KT423084Palakkad₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly148Fri
    NG398536Idukki₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus291Thu 21/11/2019PT363775Kannur₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya420Wed 20/11/2019AT684701Kottayam₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi184Tue 19/11/2019SN691630Kottayam₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN539Mon 18/11/2019WW694776Palakkad₹65 Lakhs
    Pournami418Sun 17/11/2019RW323582Alappuzha₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya422Sat 16/11/2019KC457016Kottayam₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly147Fri
    NT659277Alappuzha₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus290Thu 14/11/2019PL327465Kottayam₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya419Wed 13/11/2019AM699589Malappuram₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi183Tue 12/11/2019SE401069Idukki₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN538Mon 11/11/2019WF598487Kozhikkode₹65 Lakhs
    Pournami417Sun 10/11/2019RD529908Ernakulam₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya421Sat 9/11/2019KP755615Kasaragod₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly146Fri
    NM852996Palakkad₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus289Thu
    PS183793Kannur₹70 Lakhs
    AY771712Alappuzha₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi182Tue
    ST832714Kottayam₹70 Lakhs
    WO180225Kasaragod₹65 Lakhs
    RS388740Pathana-mthitta₹70 Lakhs
    KK726717Ernakulam₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly145Fri
    NY856546Kollam₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus288Thu 31/10/2019PE395399Palakkad₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya417Wed 30/10/2019AC142224Kottayam₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi181Tue 29/10/2019SK466976Trivandrum₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN536Mon 28/10/2019WK715200Alappuzha₹65 Lakhs
    Pournami415Sun 27/10/2019RH811988Wayanad₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya419Sat 26/10/2019KP708955Palakkad₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly144Fri
    NM173717Kollam₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus287Thu 24/10/2019PS898501Palakkad₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya416Wed 23/10/2019AX598036Kozhikkode₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi180Tue
    SY904407Kottayam₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN535Mon 21/10/2019WU838865Thrissur₹65 Lakhs
    RN618289Alappuzha₹70 Lakhs
    KG690075Palakkad₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly143Fri
    NR508059Kottayam₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus286Thu 17/10/2019PM927700Malappuram₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya415Wed 16/10/2019AK103688Kottayam₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi179Tue 15/10/2019SB478208Kollam₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN534Mon 14/10/2019WH778274Thrissur₹65 Lakhs
    RD765557Kannur₹70 Lakhs
    KZ724525Kottayam₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly142Fri
    NC720025Palakkad₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus285Thu 10/10/2019PN190163Palakkad₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya414Wed 9/10/2019AN411740Ernakulam₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi178Tue
    SW212177Trivandrum₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN533Mon 7/10/2019WY693595Alappuzha₹65 Lakhs
    RW554026Pathana-mthitta₹70 Lakhs
    KA268725Kollam₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly141Fri
    NX615217Thrissur₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus284Thu
    PH618908Kozhikkode₹70 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi177Tue
    SD609612Trivandrum₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN532Mon 30/09/2019WK913687Palakkad₹65 Lakhs
    Pournami411Sun 29/09/2019RG319881Wayanad₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya415Sat 28/09/2019KU560515Kasaragod₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly140Fri
    NB736821Trivandrum₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus283Thu 26/09/2019PU831529Kannur₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya413Wed 25/09/2019AJ872005Alappuzha₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi176Tue 24/09/2019SU220550Palakkad₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN531Mon 23/09/2019WN485759Malappuram₹65 Lakhs
    Pournami410Sun 22/09/2019RR279548Malappuram₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya414Sat 21/09/2019KL220994Kottayam₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly139Fri
    NU239711Idukki₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus282Thu 19/09/2019PH203882Thrissur₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya412Wed 18/09/2019AN545662Kollam₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi175Tue 17/09/2019SL738546Kottayam₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN530Mon 16/09/2019WF856133Kottayam₹65 Lakhs
    Pournami409Sun 15/09/2019RA287156Kollam₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya413Sat 14/09/2019KY187068Kannur₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly138Fri
    NE298494Malappuram₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus281Thu 12/09/2019PZ552317Palakkad₹70 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi174Tue 10/09/2019SX900713Palakkad₹70 Lakhs
    WW730258Wayanad₹65 Lakhs
    RV308427Kottayam₹70 Lakhs
    KA459502Palakkad₹1 Crore
    Nirmal Weekly137Fri
    NP853312Kasaragod₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus280Thu
    PF843000Kottayam₹70 Lakhs
    Akshaya411Wed 4/09/2019AJ729090Wayanad₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi173Tue
    SD771290Kannur₹70 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN528Mon 2/09/2019WB167813Thrissur₹65 Lakhs
    RF490749Ernakulam₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya411Sat 31/08/2019KW219981Kozhikkode₹80 Lakhs
    Nirmal Weekly136Fri
    NG263999Thrissur₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus279Thu 29/08/2019PZ434795Idukki₹80 Lakhs
    Akshaya410Wed 28/08/2019AW596895Kannur₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi172Tue 27/08/2019SW827019Ernakulam₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus278Thu 22/08/2019PL124859Thrissur₹80 Lakhs
    Akshaya409Wed 21/08/2019AD589054Kozhikkode₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi171Tue 20/08/2019SD451663Trivandrum₹60 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN526Mon 19/08/2019WK222588Thrissur₹65 Lakhs
    Pournami405Sun 18/08/2019RA895245Kozhikkode₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya409Sat 17/08/2019KP736310Palakkad₹80 Lakhs
    Nirmal Weekly134Fri
    NF117197Idukki₹60 Lakhs
    Akshaya408Wed 14/08/2019AW735650Malappuram₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi170Tue 13/08/2019SW860709Thrissur₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus277Thu
    PU575175Palakkad₹80 Lakhs
    Akshaya407Wed 7/08/2019AE853979Ernakulam₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi169Tue
    SC808256Palakkad₹60 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN524Mon 5/08/2019WC176363Ernakulam₹65 Lakhs
    RC754933Alappuzha₹70 Lakhs
    KX746198Alappuzha₹80 Lakhs
    Nirmal Weekly132Fri
    NH574683Pathana-mthitta₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus276Thu
    PD188459Idukki₹80 Lakhs
    Akshaya406Wed 31/07/2019AX579160Palakkad₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi168Tue 30/07/2019SV262500Kollam₹60 Lakhs
    WIN-WIN523Mon 29/07/2019WU567639Alappuzha₹65 Lakhs
    Pournami402Sun 28/07/2019RT388986Malappuram₹70 Lakhs
    Karunya406Sat 27/07/2019KL656408Alappuzha₹80 Lakhs
    Nirmal Weekly131Fri
    NU809215Wayanad₹60 Lakhs
    Karunya Plus275Thu 25/07/2019PX425030Idukki₹80 Lakhs
    Akshaya405Wed 24/07/2019AH492419Wayanad₹60 Lakhs
    Sthree Sakthi167Tue 23/07/2019SJ630718Trivandrum₹60 Lakhs

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      Useful Websites in Kerala

      If you win in this Kerala lottery, then you can use the money to deposit in bank and earn from monthly interest, or you can buy a vehicle, book a tour package and enjoy vacation, much more.

      Kerala Lottery Prize Claim

      Any prize-winner of a Kerala lottery shall surrender the prize winning ticket within 30 days of the date of draw with all necessary documents.

      Prizes up to 1 Lakh Indian rupees may be claimed from the District Lottery Offices concerned.

      Prize winning Kerala Lottery tickets above 1 Lakh Rupees shall be surrendered before the Director of State Lotteries in Kerala after affixing the name, address and signature of the prize winner on the back side of the lottery tickets with the following documents.**

      Kerala Lottery Prize Claim Procedures

      1. A claim application along with a Photostat copy of both sides of the kerala lottery ticket, self attested by the applicant.
      2. Two Passport size photographs of the Kerala Lottery prize winner duly attested by a Gazetted Officer/Notary.
      3. A receipt for the Kerala Lottery prize money in the prescribed form affixing a revenue stamp worth Rs.1/- with full address of the lottery prize winner (download).
      4. If the lottery prize winner is a minor, Guardianship certificate from a competent authority.
      5. In case of joint claims, one of the Kerala Lottery prize winners should be authorised to receive the prize money and a ‘Joint Declaration’ in stamp paper worth Rs 50/- should be executed.
      6. Self attested copy of the PAN Card of the prize winner.
      7. Attested document to prove identity ( Attested copy of Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, Election ID Card etc) of the Kerala lottery prize winner.

      Prize Claim Through Banks

      Prize amount can also be claimed through Nationalised, Scheduled or State/ District Co-Operative banks. The prize winning Kerala Lottery ticket should be surrendered to the bank with all the above documents, if necessary.

      The bank should submit the claim to the Director of State Lotteries with the following certificates:

      • The letter of Authorisation from the prize winner (download)
      • The certificate from the receiving bank (download)
      • The certificate from the collecting bank (download)

      Tax on Kerala Lottery Prize Money

      For Kerala Lottery prize moneys more than Rupees 10,000, income tax at prevailing rate will be deducted and credited into the central government account. As of now, an Income tax of 30% will be deducted for all the prize winning claims exceeding Rs. 10,000/- For the agents prize claims an amount equivalent to 10% of the claim will be deducted as income tax. Presently no surcharge or educational cess is deducted as per the Income Tax rules.

      ** Prize winning tickets above Rs.1 Lakh and upto Rs.20 Lakhs shall be passed for payment by the Deputy Director(Prize) and that above 20 lakhs by the Director.

      Kerala Lottery Tricks and Tips

      Some of the following tricks and tips that we provides you here are Kerala Lottery Machine Tricks, Kerala Lottery Winning Formula, Kerala Lottery Winning Tips.

      Here are the top 10 tips and tricks used by smart Kerala Lottery Buyers.

      1. Buy Kerala Lottery from 10 different districts. This is the top most trick in our pick.
      2. Buy 10 Kerala Lotteries with consecutive serial numbers. This is a top most tip for you.
      3. Buy using Kerala Calendar timing. Try not to buy Kerala lotteries in Rahukalam, if you believe in it.
      4. Use Astrology, Numerology, Lucky Numbers and other Spiritual influence for buying Kerala Lotteries.
      5. Buy Kerala Lottery using most repetitive won last 4 digit ticket numbers. This is yet another good trick for you.
      6. Buy Kerala Lottery with the help of some reserved people whom they believe they can bring luck for them.
      7. Buy same last 4 digit ticket number of Kerala lottery each from 10 different sets.
      8. Toss and select Kerala lotteries.
      9. Buy whole Kerala lotteries from a seller or dealer/distributor.
      10. Buy 10 Kerala Lotteries tickets using 10 different people using own money or on sharing basics. This is one of the best and safe tricks employed by many people in Kerala. You may apply this tip at-least once and let us know it’s results.

      Before trying the above tricks and tips for buying and winning in Kerala Lottery, you must know that these tricks and tips may not work every time or for every people.

      This is just for your information and we do not recommend you to try this.

      We got some of these top information from daily lottery buyers, distributing agents and some local sellers. But personally the author of this article may not try this. The author just share these Kerala Lottery tricks with you.

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