25.11.2019 Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery Results

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Kerala Lottery Result

Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery Result announced by Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries on Today, Wednesday, 25.11.2019. All those who purchased Win Win Kerala Lottery W540 can check results here. You can print, download, search Win Win W540 Kerala Lottery Result from KeralaLotteryResult.com website.

Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery Result

The first prize winner of Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery Result is WL-201900.

Kerala Lottery Result Official:

Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery Result Today, 25.11.2019.

1st Prize- Rs :60,00,000/-

Consolation Prize- Rs. 8,000/-

2nd Prize- Rs :5,00,000/-

3rd Prize- Rs :1,00,000/-
WA-933579 WB-793404 WC-565878 WD-715508 WE-237456 WF-456274 WG-244785


4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/-

5th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-

6th Prize- Rs. 500/-

7th Prize- Rs. 100/-

The prize winners of Win Win W 540 are advised to verify the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazatte and surrender the winning Win Win W 540 tickets within 30 days

Next Win Win W 541 Lottery draw will be held on 02/12/2019.

On tomorrow (26.11.2019), Sthree Sakthi SS 185 Kerala Lottery result will be announced at 3 pm.

Download WinWin Lottery W 540 Kerala Lottery Results

You can download WinWin Kerala lottery at 3 pm from our website. Downloads are available in pdf and png file formats. Visit the link below to download files.

  • Download Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery Result: Click here to download

Our warm wishes to all those winners of Win Win W540 Kerala lotteries drawn today, 25.11.2019.

Win Win W540 Kerala Lottery Number Generator

Have you ever tried our new Win Win Lottery number generator? We recently developed a software that can generate lucky Win Win Kerala lottery 3 digit number. You can use this software from the bottom of our homepage here >>> Kerala Lottery Number Generator

Win Win Lottery W 540

  • Lottery Name: Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery
  • Code: W 540
  • Cost of an Win Win W540 lottery Ticket: Rs 30/-
  • Date of lottery draw: Wednesday, 25.11.2019
  • Results Announcement Time: 3 pm
  • Win Win Lottery W 540 First Prize: Rs 60,00,540/-
  • Venue: Gorky Bhavan Near Bakery Junction, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
  • Contact Numbers: Director: 0471-2305230, Office: 0471-2305193, Fax: 0471-2301740.
  • Email IDs: dirkerlot@gmail.com , keralalotteries@gmail.com

About Win Win Kerala Lottery W540

Win Win W540 Lotteries are the product of Kerala State Lotteries, a State Government body for managing lottery in Kerala. The Win Win lotteries W540 are distributed through different lottery agents in Kerala. From these agents, the local sellers collect it and sold to different persons in Kerala. Win Win lottery W540 draw is conducted by director of Kerala Lotteries on every Wednesday at 3 pm and the results are uploaded online at 4 pm.

However you are advised to write down your signature, name and a25ress in the provision provided at the back of the Win Win W540 lottery tickets just after purchasing it from the seller.

Graphical Image of Win Win lottery W540

Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery Result

WinWin Lottery W540 Prize Structure

The revised prize structure of WinWin W540 Kerala Lottery is given below.

  1. 1st Prize: Rs 60,00,540/-Consolation Prize: Rs 8,540/-
  2. 2nd Prize: Rs 5,00,540/-
  3. 3rd Prize: Rs 1,00,540/-For The Tickets Ending With The Following Numbers
  4. 4th Prize: Rs 5,540/-
  5. 5th Prize: Rs 2,540/-
  6. 6th Prize: Rs 1,540/-
  7. 7th Prize: Rs 500/-
  8. 8th Prize: Rs 100/-

Win Win W 540 Lottery Prize Claim

Prizes up to One Lakh rupees may be claimed from the District Lottery Offices concerned. While the prize winning W540 Win Win tickets above Rupees one Lakh shall be surrendered before the Director of State Lotteries after affixing the signature, name and a25ress of the prize winner on the back side of the tickets with all required documents.

The prize winners of Win Win Kerala Lottery W540 are advised to verify your winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazette and surrender the winning lottery tickets within 30 days.

Taxes on Win Win Lottery W 540 Prize

For Win Win W 540 lottery prize winning moneys more than Rs. 10,540, income tax at prevailing rate will be deducted and credited into the central government account. As of now, an Income tax of 30% will be deducted for all the Win Win W540 Kerala lottery prize winning claims exceeding Rs. 10,540/-. For the Win Win W 540 lottery agents prize claims an amount equivalent to 10% of the claim will be deducted as income tax. At present as per Income Tax rules, there is no surcharges or educational cess is deducted.

Win Win Kerala Lottery W540 Tips and Tricks

Here are the top 10 tips and tricks used by smart Win Win W540 Kerala Lottery Buyers.

  1. Buy Win Win Lottery W 540 from 10 different districts. This is the top most trick in our pick.
  2. Buy 10 Win Win W540 Kerala Lotteries with consecutive serial numbers. This is a top most tip for you.
  3. Buy using Kerala Calendar timing. Try not to buy Sthree-Ssakthi W-540 lotteries in Rahukalam, if you believe in it.
  4. Use Astrology, Numerology, Lucky Numbers and other Spiritual influence for buying Win Win W540 Lotteries.
  5. Buy Win Win Kerala Lottery W540 using most repetitive won last 4 digit ticket numbers. This is yet another good trick for you.
  6. Buy Win Win Kerala Lottery W 540 with the help of some reserved people whom they believe they can bring luck for them.
  7. Buy same last 4 digit ticket number of W540 Win Win lottery each from 10 different sets.
  8. Toss and select lotteries.
  9. Buy whole Win Win W540 lotteries from a seller or dealer/distributor.
  10. Buy 10 Win Win W540 Kerala Lotteries tickets using 25 different people using own money or on sharing basics. This is one of the best and safe tricks employed by many people in Kerala. You may apply this tip at-least once and let us know it’s results.

Before trying the above tricks and tips for buying and winning in Win Win Lottery W 540, you must know that these tricks and tips may not work every time or for every people.

This is just for your information and we do not recommend you to try this.

We got some of these top secret information from daily lottery buyers, distributing agents and some local sellers. But personally the author of this article may not try this. The author just share these Win Win Lottery tricks with you.

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Win Win Lottery W540 Winning Ticket Numbers

Win Win Lottery W540 winning ticket numbers are announced from 25.11.2019 at 3 pm onwards and full result of Winning ticket numbers are available to download at 4pm or later. Win Win Lottery W 540 Winning ticket numbers are impossible to predict. So before the actual lottery draw time, which is at 3 pm on 25.11.2019, you will never able to get today’s Win Win Lotteries W540 winning ticket numbers.

Win Win W 540 lotteries draw are conducted very transparently. There is no cheating or fraud involving in it. Never believe all those who claims to provide Win Win W-540 winning ticket numbers or even if they said that they are from Kerala State Lotteries Department. Buy Win Win Lottery W 540 tickets with without even thinking of cheating the system.

Win Win W540 Kerala lottery scams

We advise you not to take part in any bet on Win Win W540 lottery results for money or engage in any activity like ‘Win Win lottery guessing numbers’ type games for any financial benefits.

We also recommend you not to give money to someone who promises to provide you today’s lottery ticket winning number. All such kind of activities are scams. The winners are not pre-determined. So never thought to get winning numbers before the actual lottery draw starts at 3 pm today. Be smart and identify those cheaters.

Once again we advise you not to pay cheaters online who claims to provide today’s lottery ticket number before the actual lottery draw starts. Never provide them your mobile numbers, email ids, Credit card details, a25ress, account numbers, money, etc. Never engage in Win Win lottery ticket money bets online.

Neither Kerala State Lotteries nor KeralaLotteryResult.com are responsible for any financial loss happened to you due to Win Win W-540 Lottery frauds around you. You are requested to check Win Win W540 Kerala Lottery Result only from trusted sources like KeralaLotteryResult.com or other official websites.

Please share this page about WinWin Kerala Lotteries W540 in social medias so that all your friends and relatives must know about WinWin Kerala lottery winning ticket number scams.

Win Win Lottery W 540 Predictions and Guessing Numbers

Now let’s discuss about Win Win Lottery W 540 Predictions and Guessing numbers.

Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery Predictions

There are many types of predictions in Kerala Lottery. Predictions announced by individual persons, lottery agents, expert lottery players, Indian Vedic astrologers, Prediction Software, Apps, Parrot Astrology, etc.

You may know well about Astrology type predictions. Also let’s discuss about other types of predictions. Expert lottery players use some secret formula and predict upcoming Kerala lottery result.

WinWin W540 Kerala Lottery predictions are not 100% accurate. But when applying mathematical probability by studying previous Win Win lottery results, some software can guess today’s Win Win lottery winning ticket numbers. But don’t expect these are accurate as it is practically impossible for someone to guess exact lottery ticket numbers. Just consider these as fun games which is created for entertainment purpose.

Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery Guessing Numbers

At KeralaLotteryResult.com, we have got a lot of request from our daily users to start a platform to display Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery result predictions and guessing numbers. In consideration with our prestigious daily users, we opened Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery guessing system. Anybody can post your predictions and guessing numbers in the content box given below. You may also check 3 digit, 4 digit, 5 digit, and 6 digit predictions and guessing numbers posted by out beloved users in the content box given below.

You are welcome to post your Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery result guessing, tips and other information in the content box below.

Sharing is caring. So please do not forget to share this page in Facebook, Google Plus, WhatsApp groups and other social medias. For more Win Win W 540 Kerala Lottery News stay tuned with us.

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