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Kerala Lottery Result

Directorate of Kerala Lotteries declares WinWin W519 Kerala Lottery Result on Monday, 01.07.2019. Here you can check, search, download and print WinWin Lottery W519 result. All Win Win Lottery W 519 Results are published live at 3 pm, Today on website. Check WinWin Lottery W519 Result which is given below.

WinWin W 519 Kerala Lottery Result


The first prize winner of WinWin W519 Kerala Lottery Today is WO-588442.

Kerala Lottery Result Official

WinWin W519 Kerala Lottery Result Today, 01.07.2019.

1st Prize- Rs :65,00,000/-

Consolation Prize- Rs. 8,000/-
WN-588442 WP-588442 WR-588442 WS-588442 WT-588442 WU-588442 WV-588442 WW-588442 WX-588442 WY-588442 WZ-588442

2nd Prize- Rs :1,000,000/-

3rd Prize- Rs :100,000/-
WN-131387 WO-425364 WP-949698 WR-896791 WS-776957 WT-157482 WU-417824 WV-581466 WW-505859 WX-888457 WY-400322 WZ-584624


4th Prize- Rs. 5,000/-
0670 1034 2520 3211 3293 4948 5009 5065 5651 7279 9953 9992

5th Prize- Rs. 1,000/-
0125 1749 3092 3504 3895 4077 4548 5059 5174 5200 6293 6300 6426 6776 7081 7224 7447 7699 7906 8104 8149 8183 8310 8348 9135 9241 9314 9530 9843 9888

6th Prize- Rs. 500/-
0386 0448 0562 1041 1489 1613 2033 2131 2326 2435 2480 2524 2705 3309 3382 3428 3530 3804 4061 4314 4563 4564 4617 4673 4676 4688 4729 4877 5737 5743 5744 5763 6139 6291 6440 6482 6781 6905 6921 7131 7262 7316 7813 7892 8386 8519 8627 8729 8744 8850 9098 9125 9234 9281 9363 9400 9539 9617 9706 9767

7th Prize- Rs. 100/-
0518 0560 0606 0788 0805 1136 1220 1538 1673 2019 2045 2177 2282 2344 2434 2450 2632 2828 2997 3043 3400 3549 3712 3717 3826 4026 4038 4199 4417 4540 4917 4941 5052 5091 5138 5296 5488 5507 5616 5870 6138 6195 6224 6301 6425 6598 7125 7184 7252 7268 7359 7492 7729 7945 8003 8004 8015 8130 8258 8357 8619 8753 8759 8921 9373 9464 9483 9603 9625 9854

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You can view png screenshots and download WinWin W519 Kerala lottery result PDF from this link: Download Win Win W 519 Kerala Lottery Result [01/07/2019].

WinWin W519 Kerala Lottery Result provided here is only for quick reference. The prize winners of W 519 WinWin Kerala Lottery are advised to verify your winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazette and surrender the winning lottery tickets within 30 days.

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Next WinWin Lottery W520 draw will be held on 08.07.2019.

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Download Win Win Kerala Lottery Results W519

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WinWin W519 Kerala Lottery Number Generator

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Want to know more about WinWin W 519 Kerala Lotteries ? We provide all the required information about WinWin W519 lotteries below.

WinWin Lottery W 519

  • Lottery Name: WinWin W519 Kerala Lottery
  • Lottery Code: W519
  • Date of draw : Monday, July 01, 2019
  • WinWin Lottery Results Announcement Time: 3 pm
  • WinWin Lottery Full Results Publishing Time: 4 pm
  • 1st Prize of WinWin Lottery W519: Rs 65,00,000/-
  • Venue: Sree Chithra Home Auditorium, Pazhavangadi, East Fort, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.
  • WinWin Lottery Contact Numbers – Director: 0519-2305230, Office: 0519-2305193, Fax: 0519-2301740.

About Kerala Lottery WinWin W519

WinWin Kerala lotteries are drawn on every Monday at 3 pm by Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries. The venue of the WinWin Lottery W519 ticket draw is at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium, which is in Pazhavangadi place near Pazhavangadi Maha Ganapathy temple, East Fort, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. The cost of a WinWin W519 Kerala Lottery is 30 rupees (FV26.80+GST).

Images/Photos of WinWin Kerala Lottery W519

Below you can view graphical image of WinwWin W519 Kerala Lottery.

WinWin W519 Kerala Lottery Result

Win Win Lottery W 519 Prize Structure

  1. 1st Prize: Rs 65,00,000/-
    Consolation Prize: Rs 8,000/-
  2. 2nd Prize: Rs 10,00,000/-
  3. 3rd Prize: Rs 1,00,000/-
    For WinWin Lottery W 519 Tickets Ending With The Following Numbers
  4. 4th Prize: Rs 5,000/-
  5. 5th Prize: Rs 1,000/-
  6. 6th Prize: Rs 500/-
  7. 7th Prize: Rs 100/-

Win Win Lottery W 519 Guessing & Predictions

Now let’s discuss about Win Win Lottery W519 Guessing numbers and Lottery results predictions. Check them below.

WinWin W519 Kerala Lottery Guessing Numbers

WinWin W519 Kerala Lottery guessing number system is not practically possible. But when applying mathematical probability by studying previous WinWin lottery results, some software can guess Today’s WinWin lottery winning ticket numbers. But don’t expect these are accurate as it is practically impossible for someone to guess exact lottery ticket numbers. Just consider these as fun games which is created for entertainment purpose.

WinWin W519 Winning Ticket Numbers

WinWin W519 winning ticket numbers are announced from 1st July, 2019 at 3 pm onwards and full result of Winning ticket numbers are available to download at 4pm or later. Winning ticket numbers are impossible to predict. So before the actual lottery draw time, which is at 3 pm on 01-July-2019, you will never able to get Today’s winning ticket numbers.

WinWin W 519 lotteries draw are conducted very transparently. There is no cheating or fraud involving in it. Never believe all those who claims to provide Win Win W-519 winning ticket numbers or even if they said that they are from Kerala State Lotteries Department.

WinWin W519 Kerala lottery scams

We advise you not to take part in any bet on WinWin W519 lottery results for money or engage in any activity like ‘WinWin lottery guessing numbers’ type games for any financial benefits.

We also recommend you not to give money to someone who promises to provide you Today’s lottery ticket winning number. All such kind of activities are scams. The winners are not pre-determined. So never thought to get winning numbers before the actual lottery draw starts at 3 pm Today. Be smart and identify those cheaters.

Once again we advise you not to pay cheaters online who claims to provide Today’s lottery ticket number before the actual lottery draw starts. Never provide them your mobile numbers, email ids, Credit card details, address, account numbers, money, etc. Never engage in WinWin lottery ticket money bets online.

Neither Kerala State Lotteries nor are responsible for any financial loss happened to you due to Win-Win W-519 Lottery frauds around you. You are requested to check WinWin W519 Kerala Lottery Result only from trusted sources like or other official websites.

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